Design Services

Design Services

We provide Chip design services from architecture definition to tape-out. We have experience with numerous technologies. We provide design services in the following areas

  • High Speed design
  • Wired and Wireless Communications
  • Multimedia
  • Medical
  • SoC
  • Low Power Design
  • Logic Synthesis
  • Designs with Multiple clock domains

We provide the following services for chip design

  • Prepare the requirements document
  • Create a Micro-Architecture Document.
  • RTL design and IP development which is synthesis friendly
  • Check whether RTL is free of Linting errors. Analyze RTL
  • Functional and Cycle based verification
  • Perform Synthesis and DFT
  • Verify Functional/Timing(STA)/Area/Power/DFT for the design after synthesis.
  • Generate SDC files for Physical Design

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