Management Team

Parag Bhatt, President

Parag Bhatt is a co-founder and currently serves as President of Krispan.

Parag has more than 20 years of engineering and leadership experience building ASICs in top-tier companies such as Opti, 3Com, Airgo Networks and H-Stream Wireless.  An accomplished engineer, his vision and expertise in business and technology have driven notable achievements in companies and products that he has worked for.

Parag has experience in various fields of ASICs from design to production. He has an extensive knowledge of SoC, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, SONET, PC Architecture, USB and PCI/PCI-X/PCI-express.

Prior to Co-founding Krispan in 2006, Parag worked at H-Stream wireless where he was in charge of designing the MAC for the wireless ASIC.  Before that at Airgo Networks, Parag Bhatt worked and lead several generations of Airgo’s 802.11 chips, where he was a lead in the Architecture, Design, Verification, FPGA-emulation, Synthesis, Timing and debug of various generations of ASICs.  At 3Com, Parag worked on V.90 modems as well as on 10/100/1000 Ethernet controllers.

Parag offers a rare blend of technical and marketing strengths. Parag’s exceptional knowledge of business and the complete ASIC Design flow is based on his innovative approaches and 20 years of industry experience.

Parag has an MS from Oklahoma State University.

In his spare time, Parag enjoys flying, discussing politics, playing Tabla (Indian drums) and reading non-fiction books.


Krishna Uppunda, CTO

Krishna Uppunda is a co-founder and currently serves as a CTO of Krispan.

Prior to co-founding Krispan in 2006, Mr. Uppunda was Director of Engineering at Proficient Design specializing in low power ASIC design, He has experience in all aspects of low power design from architecture definition to tapeout and has helped reduce power in multiple chips in different industries such as media, wireless, GSP processor.

From 1993 to 2002 he worked in 3Com corporation.  At 3COM, he has worked in various roles from Senior Design Engineer to Project lead. He has worked on Several ASIC Designs from 10Mbit to Gigabit Ethernet. He has worked on all aspects of the design from architecture to RTL coding, verification, synthesis and scan. He was the Primary contact for the company on PCI/PCIX. Developed the PCI/PCIx design and verification interfaces on several chips. Worked closely with several ASIC teams to help them design in the PCI/PCIX interfaces. Was also a member of the PCI/PCIX subcommittee. He has a holder of 5 patents related to networking and low power

From 1987 to 1993 was Senior Application Engineer in AMD. He has developed several evaluation boards for the FDDI and Ethernet using PALs and FPGA’s.Developed and trained FAE’s on FDDI and generated data sheets and application notes. Krishna earned a Bachelor’s degree in EE from REC surathkal India, and an MS in Compter Engineering from NJIT.