Physical Design Services

Krispan has a Very strong Physical design team.  Our team has been worked on many successful projects.  Here is a summary!
  • Six Successful Tapeouts
  • Full Physical Design flow.  RTL to GDSII
  • Technologies 28nm, 40nm, 65nm and 180nm.
  • Sizes of Designs range from 10K to 2.5M placeable cells.
  • Synthesis
  • Full chip Pre and Post Layout STA
  • Clock Tree Synthesis
  • Full P&R with different back end tools
  • Also Created a Single Vendor Complete Cadence flow.
  • All tapeouts are Successful in the first pass with minimal customer issues requiring flow changes.
  • All physical design flows are developed custom for each customer.
  • Delivery included full post full physical verification (DRC and LVS).
  • The flow included ATPG flow as well.
  • Some of the issues that were dealt with are
    • Multiple clock domains
    • Multiple Power Islands
    • Multiple Reset methodologies
    • Back and Forth with design team to reduce power comsumption.  Multiple floor plan changes and clock planning.
    • Back and Forth with design team to increase ATPG coverage
    • Working around net and power routing blockages because of IP Core integration.